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Image by Shashank Sahay


The Hurricane Strap Net is a network filed with vibrant, unified contractors devoted to protecting homes from the terrifying destruction of nature's fury. 

At The Hurricane Strap Net, we are dedicated to home protection. Our focus allows us to work side by side with a small team of contractors around the nation who truly understand home protection. These are the types of people that are recruited for our network.

We carefully choose each contactor:

We don't choose any contractor. Every contractor that signs up for The Hurricane Strap Net is carefully screened and evaluated by one of our staff members to assure that every standard is met. 

The Hurrican Strap Net consists of:

1. The custom net made to fit over your home or place of business

2. A zipper entrance for easy access in and out of your home while the net is installed

3. Ratchets to secure the strap net so its anchor bases 

4. Specially designed anchor footing, that can sustain enormous environmental stress, preventing itself from becoming loose when under tremendous pressure and waterlogged grounds.


We integrate contractor business values and far-reaching responsibilities in a principled approach to service. We live and commit to a Code of Ethics that is part of every aspect of business and community. The Hurricane Strap Net members pledge this code as the basis for everything we do.​


WE WILL SERVE our customers with integrity, competence, and objectivity. 

WE WILL DELIVER to our customers all that we promised through value-added services. 

WE WILL PERFORM our work to meet technical codes and better.

WE WILL EXPLORE each customer situation to sufficient detail and gather sufficient facts to gain an understanding of the problems, the scope of assistance needed, and the possible benefits our service and technical recommendations may provide our customers.

WE WILL RESPECT each customer's home and property and leave them as clean as we found them.


WE REGARD our employee's satisfaction as important as customer service and company profitability. We subscribe to the premise of win, win, win.

WE WILL ASSIGN technical and support personnel to each job in accord with their experience, knowledge, and expertise.

WE WILL FOSTER training for all our employees on an on-going basis to improve and uphold high-performance standards.

Professional Responsibility:

WE WILL PERFORM jobs for which we are qualified by our experience and technical competence. 

WE WILL MAKE quality service the trademark of the jobs we perform. If needed we will take care of callbacks with a minimum of inconvenience to our customers.

WE WILL STAND behind our work.

WE WILL NOT provide services to a customer under terms or conditions that might damage or compromise the integrity of our trade and profession. We will follow the Golden Rule.

WE WILL NOT advertise our services in a deceptive manner. 


WE WILL AGREE with our customers independently and in advance on the basis of our fees. Our fees will be commensurate with the quality of the services we deliver and the responsibility we accept.

WE WILL MAKE it our moral imperative to maintain a profitable business as part of our employees and our families.

WE WILL BE MINDFUL of the honest value received by the customer and the right to an ethical profit. 

Social Responsibility: 

WE WILL BE GOOD corporate citizens.

WE WILL PROTECT the health and safety of our communities by sharing knowledge of new environmental developments and technological advancements with the communities we serve.

WE WILL REPORT violations of this Code of Ethics. 

Let us help you protect your home.

We will keep you covered!

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